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A Never Ending Glory Song

Today’s devo from PDT reminds me of a Christmas video my kids (and me) would watch when they were younger. It was the story of Alabaster the angel. Alabaster was a young gap-toothed angel that sat atop a Christmas tree in the home of a young boy and his family.

At night as the young body lay in his bed peering through his door to the top of the tree, Alabaster would begin to sing his song – Gloria! In Excelsis del! Gloria. The angel would retell the story of that first night the angels sang this song. It was a night when shepherds were in a field, and a King was born nearby in a manger in Bethlehem. And Alabaster and a legion of angels were sent to light up the sky as a heavenly chorus to sing the song of Glory about one who had come to rescue men and women.

Tripp says, “The angels sang of glory because Glory had come to earth to rescue us from the in-glory of sin and to unleash the forgiving and transforming glory of his grace on all who would believe. The hymns of the angels, and the hymns that that have been written by God’s people since, shimmer with glory because the Incarnation of Jesus is about a glorious Savior coming to give glorious grace to people who have forsaken his glory for the temporarily satisfying shadow glories of the created glory.” (O Come Let Us Adore Him, Day 4, Paul David Tripp)

Tripp mentions that the angels that night began a never ending glory song of our Savior that has been sung in some form or fashion throughout our present church age, and it will be songs of glory we sing around the throne of the One and Only Lord and Christ – the Lamb who was slain.

Let me end with Two thoughts and challenges:

(1) What are the shadow glories or counterfeit glories that we still cling to, instead of letting our lives be filled with glory of God? Counterfeit glories are nothing more than idols – the created things we actually clutch to and love more than God because we seek our daily comfort and peace through these means.

Counterfeit glories often include our Appetites, Ambitions, and desire for Approval. Our appetites leave us with a constant push and desire for more – from materialism and possessions, to addictions of all sorts. Our ambition causes us to push God to the side while we take control for ourselves so that we get what we want, and we get where we want. Our deep longing for approval and admiration causes us to compromise and live half hearted lives because we continually seek a nod or compliment from the world around us.

What is the shadow glory(s) you most need to deal with today by owning, confessing it to God, and renouncing it as an idol in your life. (See my prayer below)

(2) How will you join in the never ending song of glory? For the follower of Jesus, you are in the midst of a great story that is being played out. We are in the story of God’s miraculous intervention for rebellious sinners that he might turn us into whole hearted worshippers. True salvation should turn you into a worshipper. If you experienced the glorious Gospel, you must want to sing and share of that Gospel – of that One Jesus who is everything.

Is your life sharing the song of Glory? Is your life pointing to the grace of Christ? Do you need to be reconnected to the song and story of grace this Christmas. Read Matthew 1 & 2, Luke 1 – 4 with fresh eyes this year. Let your heart be amazed at the divine response to the broken world. Sit and soak while listening to some Glory songs – and be lifted up beyond your little world into the realm of heaven itself. I will give you a couple of songs below that help lift me in this season.

Glory! Glory to God in the highest, and on earth Peace and goodwill towards men on whom his favor rests.

Prayer: Renouncing Idols/Counterfeit glories – This can be important because we have not only sinned by loving these things more than God, but we have enthroned them and let them take God’s place in our lives. A prayer of renouncing by faith can often be a simple and powerful way to reaffirm the grace of Christ and His Lordship over us. Pray this prayer…

Father I come before you in Jesus name and I want to submit to you and you alone. I want my life to bring glory to you and your Son Jesus Christ. I ask you to cover me now by the blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of all of my sins. Lord, I often let counterfeit glories come steal your glory in my life. I repent of my idols (Name your idols). I confess these idols to you, and I repent of my devotion to them above you. Please forgive me and cleanse me from them now in Jesus name.

In the Name of the true and living God, Jesus Christ, I renounce my worship of the false gods of ______________. I choose to worship only You, Lord, and ask You, Father, to enable me to keep all these areas in their proper place in my life. I renounce idolatry and all it’s effect in my life (marriage, family and ministry). Thank You that I am forgiven. I submit to Jesus Christ as Lord of my life. To Him be the Glory In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

My Favorite Glory Songs for this Season

One response to “A Never Ending Glory Song”

  1. Love that song! Don’t listen while driving… It’ll make you keep wanting to close your eyes ..not a good idea,but man it was awesome!


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