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Glory To God in the Highest

This is quick and brief today. Who deserves all of the glory? Is it you? Is it me? Surely we would say NO! We know that our God deserves the glory. Scripture over and over again is about God and His glory. The Psalmist said, “They shall speak of the glory of Your kingdom
And talk of Your power” (Psalm 145:11). We are told to “Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among the peoples” (1 Chronicles 16:24). Isaiah saw a vision of a holy and amazing God – actually a holy, holy, holy God – and the angels cried out “the whole earth is full of his glory” (Isaiah 6:3-6).

The greatest thing we could ever know is the Glory of God. God’s glory is revealed in His very Presence and nature. His glory is revealed in His grace and forgiveness, in His power and His might. God made us in his image and sought to share His glory with us.

In the end, however, we became a bunch of glory thieves, seeking to steal God’s glory for ourselves. In our sin, we become more focused one our personal Kingdom than God’s Kingdom. We live for self and our glory instead of living for God and His glory. We end up putting ourselves in the center of everything instead of letting Jesus Christ be the Center!

On day 9 in O Come Let Us Adore Him, Paul David Tripp said, “Jesus left his lofty place to rescue glory thieves, who insert themselves into his place and make it all about them.” WE make life about our glory as we think it will somehow make us most fulfilled with the most sense of importance and purpose.

The key to real life is not to make much of ourselves, or simply believe that God makes much of us. The real power and freedom in life comes when we make it about Him and give all of the glory to our God.

The Magi came to see the child, and they bowed down before child. They could sense His glory in the middle lying in a manger. They laid their gifts down at his feet to give him the glory. Angels sang to shepherds in a field, “Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth goodwill to man.” Jesus came to reveal God’s glory again, so they might no longer live for their own selfish glory.

When we see His glory, we no longer seek to steal His glory and live for our glory. We become convinced that there is nothing better than His glory. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing His glory. Nothing better than standing in the shade of His glory. Nothing better than worshipping and giving Him all of the Glory!

A glorious God came to rescue a bunch of glory grabbing thieves from our selfish, foolish pursuit of our personal glory. And instead of destroying us, he saves us and restores us that we may truly delight and savor in the never ending, all satisfying GLORY of our GOD.


O God of Glory, God of Wonder, I worship you. Forgive me for pursuing my counterfeit glories and ultimately seeking to steal your glory. I will never be satisfied in seeking my own glory. It leaves me hollow and empty inside. You are the God of All Glory. As the Psalmist said, Not to us, not to us Lord, but to your name be all the glory because of your love and faithfulness. I love your glory. I want to see your glory. I want to be filled with your glory. And I want to live for your glory. Amen and Amen.

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