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A Battle of Wills!!

Do you ever get tempted to think that your will and plans for today are the most important thing on the planet that needs to happen. Hahahaha. Me too!

Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Jesus not only prayed this prayer, and taught us to pray, but He actually lived this prayer out. Paul David Tripp in Day 14 of O Come Let Us Adore Him points out that the particular phrases in the Lord’s prayer highlighted above are truly a prayer to surrender every moment, every location, every circumstance and situation, every relationship and more to the will of the King who has called us into His Kingdom.

Tripp declares that we are either living a life of “demand or surrender.” Either I am demanding to have life my way on my terms, or I am surrendering my life to the will of God. The first option will leave us frustrated with anyone or anything that disrupts our attempts to gain what we want. How dare they interfere with “my kingdom come, and my will being done.” The second option allows us to frame the trials and circumstances of life in a different way. We can surrender to life’s inconveniences and curveballs much better, because we will trust God to bring about His will in our life no matter what.

The only One who had the right to demand what He wanted was Jesus. As Lord, he could have clearly made it known that no one was to interfere with his plans for the day. And yet Jesus’ birth and life on earth was all about submitting to a greater mission and purpose. He agreed with the Father regarding what needed to happen. He submitted Himself to the Father’s will in all things. As a human, he allowed himself to become completely dependent upon God the Father, and he leaned on the Spirit’s power and leading. His submission to the will of His Father completed salvation and restoration for the created order and the Ones made in God’s image.

What about you? What would it look like for you to get out of bed each morning and say, “Father, not my will but Yours be done. Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done here in my life on earth as it is in heaven?” What would happen in your marriage, your relationships, your finances, your work, your life, etc. if you came before the Lord in genuine desire and petition to bring forth His Kingdom and His will in every situation of your life?

Now stop, and invite the Holy Spirit to reveal one or two areas where you really need to pray this way and surrender. Where is the Lord speaking to you? Are you ready and willing to turn it over to Him?

One final thought…

Jesus, lying in a manger. Born in a stable to a young teenage virgin girl. How did that happen? It started with Jesus saying to the Father, “Yes. I will do what you ask for the sake of sinners. Let Your Kingdom come and your will be done Father. Not my will, but Yours.”

Jesus on a cross! Beaten and whipped, rejected and abandoned, mocked and scorned. Yet He carried the sin of the world on those broad shoulders. In what looked like absolute weakness and helplessness, He was actually revealing His strength to conquer sin. He was actually giving us the help we needed. He got there because He said Yes to the Father’s plan. In the garden on the night he was betrayed, he prayed while drops of blood seemed to pour from him due to his agony. And yet He wrestled through the fear and agony and prayed, “Nevertheless, not my will but thine be done.”

Amen! Thank you for the surrender of His will for our sake. His willing to come and die would mean our freedom to come to Him and live. Thank you for saying YES Jesus. Teach me to do the same.

Prayer for Today:

Father, I come to You today in full acknowledgement of how I often wrestle to desire my own will above your will. I do not always readily accept when my plans for the day are interrupted by others or by circumstances. My pride often leads me to believe that my schedule and agenda are more important than everything else happening on the planet. Oh God, it seems so foolish to even speak that to you. I realize how absurd my thinking can become. Lord, please forgive me for wanting my will and way above the will of God for my life. I repent of my self-willed nature and ask you to forgive me. I renounce the idea that my will and plan for today, or any day, or the rest of my life is what matters. No Lord, not my will but Yours be done. My Heavenly Father, grant me the grace today of a willing and surrendered heart. What shall WE do today Father? What is your will? Where do you want to bring forth Your Kingdom today in and through my life. I bring to you the following area/areas of my life _________________________________ (What is it? Fill in the blank.) I ask that Your Kingdom would come and Your will be done in the area of ______________________. Show me what that might look like today. Holy Spirit, strengthen and enable me to live into this truth today so Your Kingdom can come forth and shine. As your surrendered Jesus, I choose surrender to You. I want to live for the things that are truly important to You. Thank you now for forgiveness, for clarity about life, for bending my heart more to Your will, and giving me the power to live for You. In Jesus name, AMEN!

Steps for Today:

  • If the Lord spoke to you about an area to seek Him and surrender, please take more time to reflect and talk to God about this. Journal your thoughts. Do not let this slip away but make it a matter of continued pursuit. If it was significant enough for the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you, then it is sure important enough to follow through with and seek the Lord on for the next few days.
  • Is there one step you can take today that you know is God’s will. It could be big or small. Is there a conversation needed, a phone call? A note or word of encouragement you need to give? Is there something you need to do you have been putting off, but you know it would be God’s will? Then do not just pray, but do it. Surrender is not surrender if it does not lead to obedience.

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