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Whispers from Heaven (Pt. 2)

Back for Part 2 of Whispers from Heaven. In Part 1, I shared some pictures and thoughts from our trip to Montana. The beauty of God’s creation filled my heart and mind with inspiration, awe, and worship. I thought it was worth sharing. While the pictures cannot fully contain the glory to be witnessed with the human eye, they still capture a solid glimpse of God’s handiwork and hopefully along with my words can draw your gaze toward heaven. So read on, look on, and may your eyes behold beauty and your heart be stirred with a greater affection for God, again!

Lord, let us see your glory and hear your whispers from heaven – becoming ever more in tune to your voice.

In His Hands are the depth of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him. ~ Psalm 94:4

This is going to be good. That was my thought as I pulled up the window shade from my window seat on the plane as we were beginning our descent into Bozeman, Montana. As I lifted the shade, this is the view that greeted me! My eyes opened wider, as the beautiful land of Montana greeted me. I felt like the mountains were welcoming me and announcing to me, “Get ready. You ain’t see nothin yet. This is just the warm up!” I was immediately filled with excitement and anticipation. This was definitely going to be good. Have you ever had a true glimpse of the glory of God? If so, do you remember your initial encounter(s) with Jesus – like when Sunday school Jesus suddenly became glorious King Jesus and you knew you would never be the same? And you knew you were just stumbling into something new but it had only just begun. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Even more than beautiful Montana, the Spirit always has much more to show us of the glory of Jesus!

Look Up and lift your heads, for your redemption is drawing near! (Luke 21:28) Walking through the woods in Yellowstone, not far from Ole Faithful, we stopped. I looked up and saw this break in the trees and the sun forcing its way through. Wow! Look up. I kept looking up – enclosed in the woods and yet the sun’s light finding it’s chance to shine upon us. Life can seem and feel like being lost in the midst of a thick, deep forest of trials, troubles, testings, and temptations. We easily become lost, confused, distracted and disoriented. Stop! Look up and lift your heads, for your redemption is drawing near. And He is much closer than your think!

Falling, falling, always falling – from High Places to the Low Places (Palisades Fall – Bozeman)

Click Play on the Waterfall Video and watch for a second (lower left corner)

The Water always flows down right? You never see a waterfall flowing up. It’s source is from the high places, and it continually flows, and pours itself out – always looking for the lower place, going lower and lower. What a message for us! And did you see the rainbow in the midst falls? That is still God’s rainbow – meant to be a sign of His Covenant promise to humanity. God promises many things. Like this waterfall, He promises to overflow and pour out into our lives. The flow of HIs Spirit is always looking for the low places though. From the high places of heaven to the low places of humbled hearts, God promises to meet us, fill us, empower us, and transform us. Lord may our hearts be humble before you – so the Fullness of your Spirit can flow from on high, poured out below to a contrite, humble, and faithful heart. And guess what – there is a never ending supply flowing from the heights into the depths of men and women who are prepared to receive.

Together – Eli and Emma doing life together1

Together! That’s what I call this picture. This is my son Eli and his wife Emma as we were walking the trail of the Northern Rim of the The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. As I looked ahead of me on the trail, I saw them and thought – that is a great thing. It was worthy of capturing. The Lord said, “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for Him” (Genesis 2). We were made for companionship, not only with God, but with one another. God designed family. He created most of us with a desire for marriage. It is a good thing – not always easy – but good. And here is a picture of God’s design… Notice, they are walking side by side on this journey together – not one in front of the other. They are faced in the same direction TOGETHER. There is certainly time for us to turn FACE to FACE for sure, but much of life is shoulder to shoulder. Where are we going – we, us? Not just you, not just me, but WE! They walk together. Notice how he has his arm slightly around her. They are co-equals, both of incredible and equal value. She brings the heart and nurturing into their journey, and he helps guide, protects, and offers his strength to her. A beautiful picture of God’s design – as marriage is called to bring us a companion in the adventure of life, a partner in the struggles of life, a lover in the intimate places of life, and a fellow heir with whom to share the glory and goodness of God. God saw this was good – very good!

Jonathan Yarborough – gainfully employed, single and available. All around good dude! 😄😄😄

Jonathan! My other son. No super spiritual lesson in this picture, but I just love Jonathan and was glad he was on the trip. I want a picture for him one day like the one above of his brother and Emma. We have prayed since he was a baby for God to bless his life, and bring the right woman into his life one day. So Lord do it. Amen. By the way – he is employed in a good job, loves music, plays a mean guitar (Acoustic or Electric), and has a solid sense of humor. If you know a good match for him, I would be glad to broker a date… Oh wow, he will kill me if he ever discovers I posted this. Shhh…. I am not telling him. Just our little secret.

Lower Falls from Inspiration Point – south rim of Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

We stood at Inspiration Point and looked back up into the Canyon to Lower Falls. Well, I quickly understood why they named this spot Inspiration Point. I was inspired, awestruck, overwhelmed, and just amazed at such beauty and majesty. I was like SMH – standing for Shaking my head. But I wasn’t shaking my head in a sense of sarcasm, or pondering the stupidity of someone else for which SMH is often reserved. No, I was SMH – because what do you do with that scene? What do you say? Wow! Whoa! Holy Cow! Glory! Hallelujah! Or maybe just stand there and SMH in awe and wonder. Sometimes there are no words to say or adequately describe the moment. When we see Jesus face to face, it will certainly be a SMH moment, for we will be speechless. Or actually it will be a face down, trembling in awe, SMWB moment. That stands for Shaking My Whole Body because we will be undone – but don’t worry. If you know Jesus, He will lay his hand on you, strengthen you, transform your lowly body to one like his, perhaps hug you, and welcome you into Eternal Kingdom – our heavenly home. Wow! SMH!!!!

What about you? Anything jump out to you in this blog! If so, comment below, or comment on Facebook and share with others please. God bless. DY

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  1. Your connection to God through His Creation is what stands out to me. Truly that is where I feel the holy of holy moments. It may not be as magnificent as this. It is some times just a beautiful bird, a breeze, water, a smell, sounds of summer, etc


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