What is God up to?

I have a sincere desire to see God at work in me, around me, and through me. I know much of our Christian experience is lived in practical daily and sometimes mundane moments. And yet there has always been a hunger for more – to see the supernatural become natural. There have been seasons of seeking and seeing the Presence and Power of God continually breaking through into my daily existence. I still believe we should contend for that. I believe too many Christians – and often older “mature” Christians – have often settled into a lifestyle that doesn’t have expectation for breakthrough and the supernatural. I myself have often settled for far less than I believe scripture reveals and that the Spirit is inviting us into. NO MORE!

If there is more, it is time to discover it. Let’s either believe God and step more deeply in realms of faith and power, or stop it altogether. The World doesn’t need another good Bible Study, but they need a Church that walks in fullness – fullness of love, fullness of the Spirit, fullness of faith, and fullness of the gifts and power. With all of my heart, I want to believe that is where God is taking me and Church on the Hill in this new journey. As I think about my history as a leader, I have always desired more but I know at times that I let fear and insecurity keep me from reaching out for more. There are parts of me that wanted to live in dangerous faith, but other parts that wanted to keep everyone happy. I know I have let my fears too often control me, and I repent. Lord I want to care more about breakthrough than my reputation.

Going forward, I am going to listen more to the hunger in my heart, the testimony of Scripture, and the Holy Spirit who calls me deeper. Words are coming to me, and to COTH in this season that stir my heart – not towards pride and selfish ambition, but toward heaven longing for a move of God. I have been tasting a fresh reality in prayer with these people as we cry out to God for MORE. We are inviting the Spirit’s Presence to fall in fresh power, and for COTH to become a habitation of the Lord’s Presence. There is a fire in my bones as I write this now. I want more Jesus. I invite you to bring all you want to bring. I welcome you Holy Spirit – all that you are, all that you want to bring, all you want to say! What is God up to? I believe there are a number of us that believe is stirring up promises of revival, awakening, and an authentic move of God!!!

Am I crazy? Am I presumptuous? Perhaps, but if I were to be so, I would want it to be leaning in fully to faith to believe God for more instead of settling for less. The more we pray, the more I see the Lord doing! And the more the prophetic Words of encouragement keep coming.

  • This is a season of new beginnings and God is inviting us to step into more. This has come time and time again. Yes, this seems simple enough in that it is a new season, but this promise seems to be bigger than a new location for me to live. This promise involves a people ready to step into a new season with God and all that He is. I receive the promise of the NEW SEASON. Lord come move among us.
  • There have been Words of COTH being a house of healing with people coming from all around up the hill to find healing – physical, emotional and otherwise. I say Yes. This has been in my heart for years to see God release more healing. I am going to believe it – the Lord really seems to be speaking this into my heart. And the healing ministry of Jesus is not over. It continues. We will do the works of Jesus.
  • The Prodigals will come HOME. The Lord keeps saying to call the Prodigals home, so we will keep calling them home and believing He will bring them home. We are seeing the first-fruits. Lord call them back to you, and bring them Home. And let us play a part.
  • COTH will be an operating room where God will be doing heart surgery, and hearts will be changed and softened/tenderized. I will preach with tears in my eyes as God softens my heart! I say Yes to this word. I believe it is from God with all of my heart. Lord release this words to fully find their place in our hearts.
  • COTH will be “brimming.” Like a pool that brims over at the edges, this will happen and people will come seeking something deeper in their walk with God. Again I say Yes, and the Lord is already showing this to us.

I will stop there for now. I write these now as my own act of faith. I have nothing to prove anymore, nothing to lose. I love Jesus Christ whole-heartedly and want to run after Him with a people and seek His Kingdom fully come. I write for me and for them that we might believe! May we no longer settle for less than God’s fullness and best. May see the Supernatural become natural. May we see God pour out His Spirit for His glory in our midst. Lord you have done it in the past, come and do it again Jesus. Come do it again. Amen!

2 responses to “What is God up to?”

  1. David, this really witnesses with my spirit. No more status quo. Spirit, lead us where our faith is without borders!


  2. Hey David! I couldn’t have put into words the yearning that my spirit has been feeling as of late, but your post captured it beautifully. Thank you for putting this out there – to know that we aren’t alone – those of us who are feeling the pull. I look forward to seeing many more join – as we look towards Heaven and know that the time is short. We hope to bring as many as possible when it’s time. And, it’s all about grace! Living in grace and being expectant of the miracles of God through grace with no more condemnation. This is my heart for the world to hear.


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