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Day 2 – John 2 (1/10/2023)

Highlight – John 2:1 – 12 Jesus turns water into wine

Explain – The first miracle of Jesus took place at a wedding. Pretty cool to see that Jesus would be attending a wedding celebration – knowing that marriage was a God given institution. Every couple should want Jesus’ Presence to grace their wedding. The problem arose when they ran out of wine at the party, a major black eye on the groom and host of the banquet. Mary brings the problem to Jesus believing He can do something about it.

Jesus’ response: “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.” ~ John 2:4

Jesus seems hesitant in his response. He replies that his hour has not yet come. This is a theme in the book of John. Jesus has come to earth on a mission, knowing He is on a divine time-table. THE HOUR would eventually be his surrender to the cross in Gethsemane and his eventual march to and through the cross. He wasn’t ready to reveal His Full Identity and Mission. There is a hint here that Jesus will not submit to the authority of Mary but only to His Father in heaven.

Even with his cool response, Mary seems to believe Jesus will step in – “Do Whatever He Says.” It seems she knows He will act, and He does. He tells servants to fill 6 waters jars that were used for ceremonial cleansing rituals. Jesus turns the water into the best of wine (Best for Last). The wedding scene is meaningful as Israel has been an unfaithful bride in her covenant commitment to God. The empty jars symbolize the emptiness of religion and ritual. These water pots were used for outward cleansing ritual but cannot truly cleanse the human heart and bring true life. Jesus brings New Wine forth though – something religion and ritual cannot do. This New Wine is a picture of everlasting joy and satisfaction.

One last note. This happened on the 3rd day of the wedding (these feasts could last up to 7 days). It is symbolic of the 3rd day on which Jesus rose from the dead. His life, death and resurrection have secured new life for us . It is the shed blood of Jesus that truly cleanses us from the inside out. The wine represents the life giving, cleansing blood of Jesus.

Apply – I want to heed the words of Mary and just “Do whatever He says” to do. Something about Mary’s faith and heart turned this moment (when it was not yet his time) into a Divine Time for Jesus’ to do a miracle. People of faith can take an ordinary time and turn it into an opportune time which ultimately becomes a DIVINE TIME of God’s power. I know that my religious effort will not bring life but only faith in the Divine Son of God Jesus Christ. He can take my emptiness and turn it in to fullness of joy and eternal satisfaction.

Respond – I am going to listen more closely to the voice of Jesus realizing that miracles only happen when we do what He says to do. We cannot control Him, but we can be servants who surrender to Him and help bring forth His miracles in the World.

Lord, I know you are the God of Grace who takes the empty things of life and fills us new and afresh. I long for your joy and satisfaction in my life.

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  1. This reminds me of all the times that Jesus could have done the safer thing to keep his identity hidden, or fallen for the devil’s ploy after his 40 day fast, or called 10,000 angels to his rescue. Because he loves me, he endured the agony and set his face toward the cross.

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