Author: David Yarborough

  • An Unforgettable Week of Prayer!

    In March of 1999, at the age of 29, I began the first week as pastor of then St. Simons Community Church (now by calling our people to pray. If I remember correctly we had a prayer meeting each evening at 7 pm Monday – Thursday. It was very meaningful and sweet for me. […]

  • Praying the Scriptures

    Last night (Wednesday, June 23, 2021), I had the privilege of leading my first Wednesday night service at Church on the Hill (COTH). I had not been a part of a Wednesday night service in a while, and I wasn’t even sure what we were supposed to do – but I figured if we worshipped […]

  • Whispers from Heaven (Pt. 2)

    Back for Part 2 of Whispers from Heaven. In Part 1, I shared some pictures and thoughts from our trip to Montana. The beauty of God’s creation filled my heart and mind with inspiration, awe, and worship. I thought it was worth sharing. While the pictures cannot fully contain the glory to be witnessed with […]

  • Whispers from Heaven

    Recently, Amber and I had the incredible gift of traveling to Big Sky, Montana with our sons Eli and Jonathan, as well as Eli’s wife Emma. (Our daughter Hannah was working a camp and could not join uss. No we did not kick her out of the family. She is still very much loved and […]

  • 5 Lessons from the “Land Between” (Pt. 2)

    Welcome back, or maybe welcome for the first time. I started to blog last time regarding 5 lessons I am learning as I am between my old job as the lead pastor of Community Church (on the coast in South Georgia) and a new role as the lead pastor of Church on the Hill in […]

  • 5 Lessons from “The Land Between” (Pt. 1)

    I am in the land of Between – between a place and position that I have known for the last 22 years, and moving forward into a new place and position for this next season. I am spending a lot of time on reflection and personal evaluation. While I am thankful for the way God […]

  • Everything has Changed in a Hurry!

    What happened? What am I doing in NW Georgia? How did I get here? These are a few questions that have run through my mind in the last month. Amber and I are truly at total peace that God has led us on this new journey, but we have had moments of realizing just how […]

  • Christmas Eve!!

    Welcome to my house for Christmas Eve! May the love of Christ fill your hearts and home. Merry Christmas!!

  • Not just a word from God, but The WORD!!

    In the beginning was the WORD. And the Word was with GOd, and the WORD was GOD. He was with God in the beginning. ~ John 1:1 At Christmas, we remember that God has not just spoken a word to His people. He has spoken The Word to us through His Son Jesus Christ. He […]

  • Light it Up

    I have always loved Christmas lights. Just as the weather starts to get colder, and the days are shorter they appear. Usually around Thanksgiving, lights start to pop up all over town – along the main streets, in storefronts, and businesses – and in our homes. Some love multi-colored lights, while others fancy the classic […]