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Who Would Write This Story?

If you read Paul David Tripp’s (PDT – get used to his initials) thoughts from Day one in in the devotional “O Come Let Us Adore Him,” he speaks of the incredible nature of the story of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. Wow! It really is a wild and crazy story.

Sometimes I will watch a movie scene and think, “That could never happen. That is ridiculous. How did he blow through every intersection in NYC at 90 MPH and hit every green light and not ram into the side of one car? Or how did 2 of them fight and shoot their way of a building surrounded by 50 armed men? All kinds of crazy stuff that couldn’t really happen.

What about Jesus? The God Man coming to earth in the form of a child. Tripp said, “This story is so miraculous in every way that it could only have come out of the mind of God in eternity before the foundations of the earth were laid down by his mighty hand. It points to the divine imagination and screams the power of the divine hand. No man could write this plot and if he did, no man could expedite what he had written” (December 1, O Come Let Us Adore Him, Paul David Tripp)

Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Tyler Perry, or the Makers of the Marvel Universe could not dream up much less pull of such a story and plot. Make no mistake, the story of Baby Jesus is a miracle. It is sweet. It is inviting. Yet it is not an everyday event we should become used to. We should be reminded that everything about this story is a MIRACLE. It is SUPERNATURAL. It is OTHERWORLDLY.

Our Father in Heaven wants this story to connect with our story in an ever increasing way. So, do you believe in Miracles? Do you believe in the God of Miracles? Can Jesus still show up in your life in ways that are naturally supernatural? Can he change hearts, lives, circumstances? Can he change us?

This is the reason He came! We needed rescue, redemption, reconciliation and transformation. Are you ready for change?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I believe everything about your birth and life on earth was a miracle. You came as the sinless Son of God to live among among broken and sinful people like me to reach out and rescue, to forgive and to heal, to transform and to change. O God, I am the one most in need of change today. I always want those around me to change. I love to blame others for my problems. I remember that I am my own worst problem, and that You are my only true solution. So I commit this Advent to you – to examine, to seek and search, to humble myself, and to listen. I want to find you. I was to experience the Presence of Jesus in the power of the Spirit. I trust you Lord with Your work in my heart and life.


  • Spend 2 minutes on your knees or lying on your face before God. Present yourself in silence to Him humbling offering yourself to Him, inviting the Spirit to speak to you and change you.
  • Where do you want to see change in your heart in this season? Let this continually be a part of your conversation to God over these days of Advent.
  • Can you reach out and bless someone that you often complain about? Instead of wanting them to change, can you change your response and thoughts today with God’s help and serve them, pray for them, or encourage them!

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