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Grace Has a Name!

What is one word that could describe the Christmas story? This is the question PDT asks in his Dec. 7 devotional in O Come Let Us Adore Him. It may seem impossible, but Tripp insists it can be done. One word can sum up God’s response to humanity’s rebellion to God, to the lost state of a wandering people, to the problem of sin that corrupted human nature. Can we capture all of God’s wonderful work to save in just a word! What about the word GRACE?

I once heard it said that Grace ain’t a blue-eyed blond. No she ain’t. Grace is more. Grace is greater. Grace is sweeter. Grace is amazing. Grace is free. Grace is free-ing. And Grace has a name – JESUS! God’s gracious and kind response to set us free from sin and death is best summed up in the name of Jesus.

Grace is Amazing. Grace is free. Grace is free-ing!

And Grace has a name – JESUS!

God’s response to our sin was not just a thought, an idea, a thing, or a theological construct. Tripp says that God’s answer was not an establishment of religion, process of intervention, or a new divine program. No, God’s answer was a person – His Son Jesus Christ.

God gave Himself. God’s gift is the very gift of His Son’s life.

  • Jesus is GRACE!
  • Jesus is our rescue.
  • Jesus is forgiveness.
  • Jesus is restoration.
  • Jesus is victory.
  • Jesus is life.
  • Jesus is the most priceless gift ever…

Look into the manger and you will see the face of grace! God’s wrath at our sin has been replaced by the smile of His Son. Turn to Jesus and live. Turn to Jesus and you will find the grace of God.


Heavenly Father, my God and my Savior. I know that I deserve nothing, but in your grace You have given me everything. I was lost but now I am found. I was guilty, and you forgave me. I was dead, and now I am alive. I was broken, and you are putting me back together. It is more than I can ask for. It is more than I could ever hope to receive. Thank God for grace. Thank God I have met grace in the person of Jesus. I receive all of your grace God in and through Jesus. Lord God, I love your grace. I love the Lord Jesus. Amen!


  • Be reminded that you will earn nothing from God today. Thank God for his grace, being reminded of Jesus.
  • Do you have a nativity scene in your home? Whenever you walk by it throughout this season, remember Grace has a NAME, and He has called your name. Stop and tell Jesus how amazing his grace truly is to you.

~ I am referring to and using the daily Advent devotional O Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul David Tripp as inspiration for these writings.

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