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Day 8 & 9 – John 8 & 9


From John 8:20 No one laid hands on Him, for His hour had not yet come. And from John 8:58 – Jesus said to them, “Before Abraham was, ‘I AM.’

John 9:25 – He answered and said, “Whether He is a sinner or not I do not know. One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”


John 8:20 – As Jesus’ grew in notoriety and people began to follow, the religious leaders grew in their anger and opposition. They wanted to kill him out of jealousy and envy, though they were accusing him of blasphemy. They were literally trying to ensnare him with questions so they could accuse him. I love the demonstration of God’s Sovereignty and control over His plan to let Jesus go to the cross on HIS TIMELINE. Man nor demon would control the timing and outcome. HIS HOUR had not yet come reminds me that God was in control of the hour and season fully. There was nothing taking place that caught God by surprise. The Lord has given man and demons a level of freedom and influence on the earth. And both can do great harm, but we must never fear or think that God’s ultimate plans will be foiled. Our days are in his hands.

John 8:58 – Jesus never claimed to be a good man or a good teacher. He came as the Only Son sent from Heaven – the Divine son of God. When the leaders through Abraham in his face questioning whether Jesus was greater than Abe, Jesus simply replied with the strongest, shortest statement he could have ever uttered. “Before Abraham was, I AM.” That is a Mic drop! Jesus was declaring Himself as the I AM – the name Yahweh revealed of Himself to Moses in Exodus 3. I AM means the self existing, self sufficient, eternal One who has has no beginning or end. Jesus was declaring His nature as God in these Words. He is God. Yes, Jesus made claims to be God, and He received Worship. Either we dismiss him as a Liar or a Loon… or we fall at His feet and call Him LORD! He is Lord!

John 9:25 – The Blind man (formerly know as the Blind Man) could not jump through all the the theological hoops and questions from the Pharisees. They tried to poke holes in his stories or twist his words. What a beautiful response. He simply said, “Fellas, I don’t know what you guys think, and what you are trying to back me into a corner about… Let me just tell you this truth. I WAS A BLIND MAN. AND I AM NO LONGER A BLIND MAN. I CAN SEE. And it is all because of this Jesus guy you are all up in arms about. I can see. I was blind for many years, but not after Jesus touched me. He opened my eyes and I can see. Call him what you like? But that is the truth.” You just cannot argue with a man who has an experience like that. A man with an experience always beats a man with an argument.


John 8:20 – I know that my times are in the hands of God. Whatever life throws at me, or the enemy seeks to do to me, I can always trust God with that outcome. He is in control of my life and times. His plans will not end in failure.

John 8:58 – When I bow my head and come before Jesus, I am in communion with the Self Existent, Eternal God of the Universe. He is Almighty and Holy. He needs nothing or no one to hold him up, and yet He holds us up completely and fully. I want to press deeper into the heart of the GREAT I AM. He is everything I want and need.

John 9:25 – Above all, Jesus changed my life. I am not the same person I was before Jesus encountered my life. I have a testimony to share about a changed life. Thank you Jesus.

Respond: My response today is one full of worship, trust and submission. I want to more fully trust the One who holds the times in His hands. As the Great I AM, He is eternal in nature and knows all, sees all, upholds all. Surely He can uphold us in ways we have never known before. I will share the story of His work in me and through me.

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